This begins a new program at Occasio, one that we hope you will enjoy – Lunch and Learning. For our inaugural program, members and their guests will enjoy an intimate study of our new wines, all while gaining insights into Chef Posada’s thought processes as he begins to design new pairings to match them.

For this program, Chef Posada will explore ‘bridging’ ingredients, and how these can be used to enhance the experience of both the food and the wine. He will begin with the preparation of two, elegantly complex vinaigrettes, showing how they are composed and how to make them. He will then prepare two summer dishes to go with them. Seating will be limited.



The Vinaigrettes

Mango Habanero

Basil Cilantro

The Plates

Grilled Shrimp Tostadas

Cantaloupe Salad

The Wines
A variety of wines will be studied, as we seek to create the perfect food and wine pairing.

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