The arrival of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc kicked off our 2013 harvest with a bang, and the yeasts are now busy turning the juices into wine. With all of our white wines actively fermenting, it is safe to say that this year’s harvest has been one of the best in memory.

The six weeks prior to harvest are the most critical for grape ripening, and it is a narrow diurnal (day to night) temperature range during this period that ensures flavors, acids, and sugars all reach perfection at the same moment.

Thus far, 2013 has been picture perfect. Moderate Valley temperatures plus night air drainage off of our hillside vineyards and the heat retaining gravelly soils have confined diurnal temperatures to a narrow band. Never have I seen such perfect ripening: rich and complex flavors, refreshing acidity, and moderate sugar levels!

Look for release dates beginning May, 2014.