Livermore Valley

“Something happened here…..”

In 1889, against all odds, a Livermore winemaker won the Grand Prize at the Paris Exposition, besting over 25,000 wines that included all of the first growths of Bordeaux. It was a turning point in history. What ensued was a discourse on authenticity and wine that continues to this day.

We devote our efforts to rediscovering the historic expression of our region by focusing on those magnificent varietals with more than a century of excellence in Livermore. We cultivate the past yet present it through modern winemaking, in wines reminiscent of the elegant and structured wines that are uniquely Livermore.

“It is essential to know the history of a region and its people to craft expressive wines.”

Considerable research has been necessary, and continues. I’ve worked up an insatiable thirst for clues to support these historical narratives – a thirst that is sated drop by precious drop. Historical accuracy, like opportunity, proves elusive, and it takes a finely tuned palate to seize the true history.

After all, the true history is so much more interesting than the oft popular beliefs.  The Valley’s first winery has been improperly attributed to Robert Livermore in 1840 – in fact, it was John Kottinger of Pleasanton, in 1870. Curiouser and curiouser, says Alice…

When we started, we were among the few espousing the crafting of wines with an eye to the past. Now, as we enter our sixth year, we begin a new phase in our efforts to craft a uniquely Livermore style of wine, reminiscent of the elegant and structured wines that speak of Livermore’s place in the world.

Stay tuned….