any man’s death diminishes me,

because I am involved in mankind.



Sunday evening the winds began to howl at my place. They were warm, off-shore winds reminiscent of that October day 26 years ago that fanned the Oakland firestorm. Many of us had friends or family that lost everything in that fire.

By morning, news had arrived that Napa and Sonoma Counties were on fire. Initially, 1500 structures were burned and ten deaths had been attributed to the fire. Within hours, these numbers had risen as the fires continued to spread. It may be weeks or months before the full extent of this tragedy is known.

But what is known is that thousands of residents have had their lives changed. They have lost friends and loved ones; they have lost their possessions, and many have lost their livelihoods. And, to paraphrase Donne, anyone’s misfortune diminishes me. These are our families, our friends, and our colleagues.

The Livermore Valley Winegrowers’ Association is working with local wineries to support relief efforts in Napa and Sonoma counties. Several of our local wineries will be donating a portion of their proceeds for the weekend’s wine sales in a collective effort to raise money. The Association is working with both the Napa Valley Community Foundation Disaster Relief Fund and the Community Foundation of Sonoma County Resilience Fund. The Association has an incomplete list of participating wineries, so be sure to call your favorite wineries if you don’t see their names on the list.

Occasio Winery will be donating 15% of the proceeds of our weekend sales for the remainder of the month of October. In addition, we will have donation slips in the winery should you wish to contribute on your own. If you cannot make it to a participating winery but wish to contribute to the relief effort, we can provide you the contact information.