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Occasio_single_Merlot, 5/6/09, 12:23 PM,  8C, 5240x8000 (603+0), 100%, bent 6 stops,  1/50 s, R84.7, G67.7, B93.5

TELOS is our proprietary red blend of Livermore heritage varietals. In the creation of TELOS, we seek each year to encapsulate the finest elements of our terroir in a single wine. We begin crafting TELOS in April, about 18 months after harvest. We analyze each barrel, paying particular attention to wines that show promise for the blend. From these barrels, we build the layers of our terroir, establishing the final blend in early May. This final blend is returned to barrels for additional development prior to bottling. TELOS is only available at the winery or through our website.

The current vintage (2014) was rated 92 points by the National Wine Review this month. Approximately 100 cases were produced.