February 9, 2018 | POSTED IN

Revisiting Pays Off (Again) -Chardonnay 93 Points and Editor’s Choice


Great wines begin in the mind.

Henri Jayer

We are constantly rethinking the way we craft our wine. Rethinking can be brutal, as we criticise and analyze every step in the production. But the end result often is a revitalization of an entire category of our wines and ever better expression of our terroir.

Rethinking has paid off, with Zinfandel (92 points), Merlot (92 points), Syrah (93 points), and our Opportunity port-style wine (94 points) highlighting what is possible with Livermore fruit. Now, Wine Enthusiast has informed us that our 2016 Chardonnay (November’s club release) has been rated 93 points and selected as the Editor’s Choice for the April 2018 issue of the magazine. We believe this is the direct result of our ongoing efforts in redefining how we grow and craft Chardonnay for our climate.

But the story does not end here. We have already put the lessons from the 2016 harvest to practice with our 2017 vintage. For, at Occasio, we remain uncompromising in our commitment to quality.