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Introducing Sidewinder Dry Gin

picture of dry juniper berries in a spoon with juniper bush behind

This week we are releasing Sidewinder Dry, the first of what ultimately will be three gins in the Sidewinder portfolio. Sidewinder Dry is a proprietary distillation of 16 botanicals. Here is a glimpse at some of the herbs, roots, and spices that give our Sidewinder Dry its character.

Juniper Berries

Without juniper berries, you don’t have gin. Juniper is gin’s quintessential element, the first thing you notice in the aroma. For Sidewinder Dry, we developed a proprietary blend of three different varieties – each providing subtly different elements to the nose.

Italy supplies most of the culinary juniper used in gin. Its aroma profile is rich in pinene, which gives the resinous, piney profile to the gin.

Albanian juniper adds citrusy elements to the mix, lifting and freshening the forest aromas.

Turkish Red
Hand foraged in the Taurus Mountains this rare variety is more herbaceous in character than are the other junipers. Red juniper adds hints of cranberry to Sidewinder Dry.


Seeds of the cilantro plant, coriander provides spicy citrus notes that lift and freshen the juniper.


Cardamom provides resinous base notes that work to integrate the cardamom and juniper into a delicious whole.

Licorice Root

Native to southern Europe, we source our Licorice root from Italy. Licorice root is a woodier version of anise and provides a smooth viscosity to our gin.


English lavender is vapor distilled in small amounts into Sidewinder Dry to provide a floral nose reminiscent of the woodlands.

Tasting Note

Sidewinder Dry Gin is pot distilled in small batches at our winery. It is a hand-crafted labor of love, the result of years of research and experimentation. Sidewinder Dry has a distinct juniper nose uplifted by bright citrus and anise notes, a uniquely California dry gin.

Food Pairing

Try the classic version of our Beef Stroganoff.