January 21, 2022 | POSTED IN

Angelica – 93 points!

bottle of angelica against a dark background

We reintroduced California’s ancient wine, Angelica, to Livermore Valley a decade ago. A mainstay of mission life in the early 1800s, Angelica was replaced by European-styled port wines after the accession of California by the United States.

We have always loved Angelica – and from time to time we bring it back for the delight of our fans. This year, we released our first vintage in nearly a decade – using our multiple award winning 2020 Malvasia Bianca. As an added bonus – we also used a brandy that we made from the same vintage of Malvasia to use as fortification. The result – an amazing wine that brings out the unusual spiciness of the Malvasia Bianca cultivar.

Jim Gordon, of Wine Enthusiast Magazine, recently awarded this wine 93 points. We await his written review and will pass it along when it becomes available. In the meantime, you might enjoy reading the history of this fabled wine of the rancheros in our recent blog post.