Sidewinder is open for members of the Occasio Society and their guests on Thursdays and Fridays from 5 – 8 PM. It has taken, perhaps, a little longer than planned to redesign the old Thomas Coyne tasting room that once occupied this spot. This is because the same attention to detail that goes into each of our wines has gone into creating the right setting for the continuation of the Occasio story. Century-old brick walls and windows, a zinc bar top from the early days of our Valley, and authentic Victorian and Belle Époque furnishings recreate what would have been found in a saloon of its day. Our mission always has been to recapture Livermore’s legendary wines, and Sidewinder is the perfect setting in which to showcase them.

We want to transport you into another time when you walk through the door to Sidewinder. We want Sidewinder to provide refuge from our hectic world and the commonplace. Sidewinder will be a place to socialize with friends and members while enjoying the finest wines and spirits.

As to the name Sidewinder. Many may think of a Sidewinder as a type of snake, something that might bite you if you’re not careful. Indeed, there is a hint of this danger in distilled spirits. But Sidewinder also is a type of pocket watch, where the winding post is at three instead of twelve. Therein lies the connection to Occasio, whose pocket watch defines the timelessness of the winemaking process. In the same sense, we intention Sidewinder to invoke the timeless artisanship required to recreate the fine spirits of Livermore’s golden age. Our story is just beginning.