The holiday season has arrived, and, to celebrate, few things can compete with a homemade eggnog using real eggs. A splash of rum or brandy makes it a special treat.

Most recipes call for making a custard, where the eggs are heated enough to kill any salmonella that might be lurking in the eggs. However, it is possible to make a “raw” eggnog if you have a source of pasteurized eggs. You can pasteurize your own eggs if you have an immersion circulator (see how here).

This recipe makes a single drink and uses raw, pasteurized eggs. It is easy to increase the number of servings simply by multiplying the ingredients by the number of drinks. By the way – a touch of nutmeg is wonderful to sprinkle over the top.


1-ounce spicy simple syrup (get the recipe)

1 whole egg (pasteurized)

1 ½ ounce cream

2 ounces dark rum



Crack an egg and drop it whole into a mixing tin. Add the simple syrup, cover the tin, and shake well. Next, add the rum and cream to the mix and shake again. Add ice to the tin, and repeat shaking a final time with the ice. Strain into a cup or glass. Enjoy!