Many holiday punches call for the use of raw eggs. This raises a health issue, namely that eggs can be contaminated with salmonella. Some grocery stores carry pasteurized eggs, and you can use these eggs with no worry. Or, you can resort to using egg substitutes. Some recipes call for a custard so that the heating step eliminates the risks.

But I must admit that an eggnog made with fresh raw eggs is superior to the alternatives. Fortunately, we found a recipe that allows you to safely pasteurize your whole eggs at home – without ‘cooking’ them. It requires an immersion circulator (sous vide) to guarantee a constant water temperature.


Whole eggs in the shell

Pot of water

Immersion water circulator



Fill a pot with water. Using an immersion circulator (for example, an ANOVA), heat the water to 135 degrees. Carefully place eggs in the water and make sure they are covered. Allow the eggs to REMAIN SUBMERGED AT 135 for two hours. Remove the eggs and place in ice water until cold. Store the eggs in the refrigerator until used.