smoke filled view of Mount Diablo with an April comparison

A Year on Fire – is Smoke Taint a Concern for Livermore Valley?

A few times a year I return to a small bluff that overlooks Tassajara Valley with a…

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three bottles of wine projected on folded paper

Meet the New Wines for Summer 2020

Take a look at our new wines.

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watercolor of wildcat mountain vineyard with a rainbow

Wildcat Mountain Vineyard and the reality of Coronavirus

The realities of Coronavirus are forcing us to rethink our philosophy.

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ham and cheese sandwich cut diagonally with faces exposed

The Return of the Raines Sandwich

Will inedible food became part of the new normal?

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Rosé – It’s a matter of Style

A look behind the scenes at the the crafting of our award winning Rosé

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chardonnay grapes

Ending the Lockdown – How well did we do?

As the lockdowns ease we take a look back at how well we did as a community.

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blueberry muffin on a Easter themed napkin and a brown plate

Wine and Quarantine – Week 5

Week 5 – what we’re doing now….

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cast iron pan of chili con carne with beans on table with red peppers

Wine and Quarantine – Week 4

Helpful ideas for surviving the 4th week of quarantine….

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Man with gun in ancient clothes guarding a room

The Science behind the Lockdown

A closer look at how models predict the spread of coronavirus – and a few predictions.

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Man with gun in ancient clothes guarding a room


Lockdown – what it means for us.

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