baked potato, minced beef- traditional hachis parmentier- shepherd's

Shepherd’s Pie

Curl up with this comforting shepherd’s pie.

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brown ceramic bowl of garbanzo bean and red lentil soup on a placemat

Red Lentil and Garbanzo Bean Soup

A bowl of this red lentil soup will warm your body and spirit on a cold winter’s night.

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baked green olives coated in cheese and paprika dough in gray bowl

Grandma’s Olive-Stuffed Cheese Balls

An easy to prepare appetizer for the holidays.

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white wine cocktails in old cut crystal wine glasses with grapefruit and thyme garnishes

The Last Call

A refreshing drink for harvest season.

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blueberry pie

Blueberry Pie for the Dog Days

Is this the best fresh blueberry pie?

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bartender double straining a watermelon gimlet into a martini glass garnished with watermelon slice

Watermelon Cucumber Gimlet

Watermelon, cucumber, and our Botanical Gin combine to create the perfect summer cocktail.

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The Sidewinder Mai Tai

Sidewinder pays tribute to the classic Mai Tai.

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cucumber tomato onion salad in bowl on wood table with wood spoon in it

Persian Cucumber and Tomato Salad

For a crisp and refreshing summer salad try this recipe for cucumber and tomato.

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linguini pasta with lava beans on a white plate

Pasta with Fava Beans

Last of spring java beans find use in this deliciously light pasta.

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boulevardier cocktail in rocks glass with big piece of ice and orange twist on wooden bar

The Sidewinder Boulevardier

A revolutionary new vermouth and a key substitution lift this Boulevardier to new heights!

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