picture of pumpkin pie with slice partly removed on a wooden table

One Egg Pumpkin Pie

A can of pumpkin and a century-old recipe may forever change the way you make pumpkin pie.

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the hanky hanky cocktail in a coupe glass

Revisiting the Hanky Panky

Feel like a little Hanky Panky tonight?

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picture of 49er gold rush cocktail on a black background

Pre-Season Cocktails

Get your game day on with these pre-season cocktails.

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picture of cocktail in coupe glass on a bar counter

Bird is the Word 2.5

A Grappa-driven craft cocktail for summer.

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a decorative picture of a pink drink with ice cubes and mint garnish

The Summer Sling

Rosé and Lemonade – surprisingly refreshing.

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a decorative picture open pasta in a tomato sauce

Penne Pasta with Grappa

Grappa adds a unique dimension to this flavorful pasta dish.

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Classic Beef Stroganoff

A classic Beef Stroganoff and an updated slow-cooker version for Slow-Cooker January.

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Not Your Irish Potato Soup

As we enter into fall think warm soups, like this not-quite-Irish Potato soup paired with a hearty wine.

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Sous Vide Sirloin Flap

The sirloin flap lends itself to sous vide cooking. Give this recipe a try.

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Caps and Flaps – Sous Vide Picanha

An uncommon cut cooked in an uncommon style.

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